Cynex Medical and Business Consulting
  • Our Outcomes

    ...are measured.

    "Value must be defined, measured, & communicated in order to exist."

    CynEX believes in defining and reporting measurable outcomes based on data-driven decisions. Together, we will agree on and define metrics that make sense for your practice or business, and the requisite results-driven performance that will specifically define success for you. We then proactively communicate with you via established reports, dashboards, and one-on-one meetings to assess, strategize, and align the pathway for continued results.

  • Stats & Figures

    We let the results speak for themselves.

    46 days

    Number of days it took for a client to achieve the top Alexa website ranking in a 1.4 million population market after Cynex re-designed their website and web marketing strategy.


    Annual revenue generated by creating and implementing a strategy for a small practice to capture the 12% of patients they were losing at the front desk.


    Percent reduction in supply usage among new physicians by implementing benchmark utilization metrics & financial training.

    100 Hours

    Length of time it took to implement a CynEX-designed strategy to capture an additional $100k/month in net revenue for a 2-location medical practice.


    Percent of Cynex clients who use business planning or analysis services

    1 Week

    Amount of time it took to create, go-live, and train on dashboards, communication and data management plan for fast-growing start-up

    86 Days

    Number of days to apply for, secure, and receive funding on a working capital loan for a medical practice client


    Number of medical practices who believe that the Sales Compendium created by Cynex was the main driver in their ability to sell their medical practice

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