Cynex Medical and Business Consulting
  • Business Consulting

    Cynex provides companies and individuals with a comprehensive suite of business solutions

    Business Plans. Startups. Business Setup. Feasibility & Case Studies. Financial Analysis. Fraud Identification & Calculations. Cost Saving Strategies. Operational and Business Model Creation. Organizational Chart Design or Re-Design. Company Handbooks. Job Descriptions. Standard Operating Procedures. Marketing Strategy Development. Dashboards. Meeting Methodology Training. Internal Communication Systems. Efficiency Planning. Systems and Process Creation. Identification of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Benchmarking. Customer Service Training. Websites. Payment Models. Contract Cost Review & Vendor Account Management.

  • Project-Based or Long-Term Management

    Cynex provides executive level business talent for both project-specific and long term functional needs - resulting in assured delivery, efficient turnaround, and streamlined cost. We manage financial, operational, marketing, and other strategic projects for companies that internal teams are not equipped to handle from a time or talent perspective.

  • Functional Expertise

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    Startup Business Services

    Strategic, actionable business & launch plans

    We work directly with founders to transform great ideas into a set of detailed, actionable requirements for delivering a specific outcome with a defined product or service.

    Pro forma financials - funding proposals - feasibility analysis, - business plans - organizational design Contact us about strategy and business planning for your company.

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    Transition & Growth Management

    Expert transition support when you need it

    Cynex is the go-to resource for small to medium sized businesses facing rapid growth, mission-critical transitions or time-sensitive legal and operational business emergencies. We provide cost-effective, interim executive talent for the turnkey management of start-ups, mergers and spin-offs at a fraction of the cost of in-sourced talent. For our Texas-based physician clients, we provide turnkey management of practice transitions. Click here to contact us about our transition and growth management services.

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    Business Analysis & Financial Projections

    Quantify value & maximize market opportunity

    Considering launching a new division, bringing on a partner, or selling your company? We perform feasibility studies for people, divisions, and initiatives. We also create sales compendiums (for selling companies), develop financial projections for businesses or service lines, perform financial reviews and propose strategies to maximize profit or mitigate loss. Contact us about our business analysis services.

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    Process Automation, Metrics & Communication

    Automate communication and performance management

    As complexity grows in your organization, so does the challenge of performance management. CynEX specializes in reviewing business processes and creating dashboards, automated systems, and communication pathways that give you access to all of the data you need to lead, direct, and monitor your business efficiently. Contact us about creating systems within your business.

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    Marketing Plan & Business Development

    Understand what drives growth

    Business development and marketing are often confused. Although they work hand-in-hand, business development is the direct sales effort resulting from a strategic marketing plan founded in research that ascribes specific value to the message and efforts most likely to drive successful growth for your specific business. Cynex develops strategic growth plans based on a thorough marketing and opportunity analysis. Contact us about conducting an opportunity analysis for your business.

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    Branding & Collateral Design

    Tell the story

    Tell a consistent story that you're proud of. From internal messaging to external marketing, we work with you to document the story of your business. Beginning with brand and logo design, CynEX works with clients to create a customized compendium including but not limited to: internal fact sheets, training, marketing collateral, websites, office signage, educational materials, intake/registration documents (both paper and digital). Click a link below to see samples of our work:

    Print & Logo Samples

    Website Design Projects

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    Operations & Organizational Structure

    Design your organization for success

    As your business grows, demands on certain people or roles grow increasingly cumbersome and systems that once worked begin to fail. We help you redefine your organizational structure with reporting pathways, accountability charts, and role definitions that ensure efficiency and success. Many companies also use us for process definition, policies and procedures, job descriptions, forms, and other customized operations assistance. Contact us for assistance in streamlining your operations.

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    Digital Forms

    Experience web-based WOW

    Your website speaks for you when you aren't around. Does it scream, "I'm archaic", or it is user-friendly, crisp and intuitive? Our digital-form building service allows you to look sleek and cutting-edge at a very affordable price. Need some ideas? We can create registration forms, referral forms, customer satisfaction surveys, internal questionnaire's, online quizzes, contact forms, event registration forms, job application forms, suggestion boxes, order forms (with secure payment options), invitations, incident report forms and even vacation request forms! Take a look at a few of our forms here.

    Online business listing service

    Online Business Listing & Review Site Management

    Exhaustive online business coverage

    Today, 4 out of 5 consumers search for local businesses online. When consumers find incorrect information about a business online, 73% lose trust in that business. And, incorrect information abounds — a 2013 study found that up to 40% of location information online is wrong. We can help you ensure your information is correct across more than 60 sites and apps that patients use to search for local practices. We can also provide review monitoring for a number of top directories, and we allow you to highlight great reviews across your listings. Click here to see how your medical practice or business is listed across our partner sites with our FREE BUSINESS LISTINGS SEARCH TOOL.

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    Private Client - Executive Services

    Exceed your personal best

    Have you ever needed an extension of yourself for a project or plan, or simply another hour in the day? For our private clients, we are whatever they need at the moment. From a quick project or proposal turnaround to ongoing management of budget, bills, business functions, or tax records, we will fill any gap that you may have in your business or home life. Our private client executives really can do everything...and have a life too. Click here to contact us about our private client services.

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    Crisis Management

    Ad hoc business needs & crisis management

    Sometimes businesses need a second opinion, a quick analysis, or assistance during an unanticipated crisis. We are here...just for that. Click here to contact us about your one-time consulting project.

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