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    Our passion is business. We help founders create and execute strategic business plans, launch initiatives and manage critical transitions.

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    Specialized executive business level support for law firms through expert compilation of client business records and financial data, document sourcing & review, financial models, document organization, and data room setup.

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    to design and execute critical launches, strategies, negotiations, and transitions

    Utilizing Cynex is like having a top-notch business executive on your team, but only when and as much as you need it. Our pricing is straightforward and designed to be scaled up or down with the demands of your business. We understand that your company and/or project(s) will and should have variable demand for specialized talent as you focus efforts on different elements of your development. We support this critical component of your success, help you design controlled change and don't penalize for variability. This allows us to design integration time into your solutions, or "trials" as the staff gains confidence in taking over the new systems.

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    physician leaving medical practice texas

    Leaving Your Medical Practice

    Provider Requirements for Leaving a Medical Practice

    Are you a doctor considering leaving your medical practice? Cynex Consulting has extensive experience helping physicians manage this critical transition phase. We handle both pre-planned and emergency transitions.

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    Physician Partner Meetings

    A guide to improving efficiency, communication, and results at physician partner meetings.