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    Physicians Leaving a Medical Practice

    Emergency and pre-planned medical practice transitions

    The legal and operational requirements for a provider leaving a medical practice have tight deadlines and critical elements. Missing just one piece of the puzzle can leave you not only struggling in your new practice, but in trouble with the medical board. Cynex specializes in handling the entire transition for you - from notice and medical board requirements; to marketing, branding, and sending letters to your patients; to credentialing you at your new practice and assisting in both emergency and long-term staffing and operations solutions.

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    New Medical Practices

    Individual and group private practices

    From filing for a Tax ID number to credentialing, sourcing medical office space, and business development, physicians launching new medical practices have a unique set of needs. Cynex provides an expert resource to help you manage as many or as few of these services that you need to launch your own practice. Practices often outsource services through Cynex until such point that they can seamlessly and cost-effectively bring the services in-house. Click here to see a list of common new practice services.

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    Existing Medical Practices & Hospitals

    Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures, Growth & Location Management

    Growth in your practice means increasing complexity, over-extended employees, and taxed systems and processes that no longer work as they used to. Cynex specializes in bringing in intermediate expert resources and guidance to re-align and streamline your business through its next stage of growth. Click to see a common list of services for:

    Growing Medical Practices

    Mature Medical Practices

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    Healthcare Provider Credentialing

    Streamline credentialing

    Credentialing with hospitals and insurance companies takes a fastidious nature, keen follow up, and exceptional attention to detail. Our process ensures you know exactly where we are with every hospital and insurance company at any moment in time. Contact us to inquire about our physician credentialing services.