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Growing Medical Practices: Common Services

Need help growing your practice or managing the complexity of your fast-growing practice? Call CynEX Consulting today!

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Are you in a growing medical practice? CynEX Consulting provides physicians with expert help in managing all or part of their growth. Some of the most common services we provide growing practices are listed below.

Internal Messaging & Customer Service

  • Company fact sheets to ensure all of your employees are telling your story the way you would like it told
  • Phone scripts
  • Customer service training


  • Review and redefine corporate structure and reporting relationships
  • Creation of management dashboards so that key leaders can easily track essential practice metrics
  • Process assessment: patient intake, referrals, etc.
  • Partner meeting process design for efficient, effective meetings
  • Creation of procedures or digital systems for repetitive tasks
  • Management of new offices - site selection, budgeting, finish-out, move, staff training

Marketing & Business Development

  • Marketing plan development
  • Physician to physician direct marketing
  • Business stationary creation & printing
  • Marketing material creation & printing
  • Update and/or digitize patient intake forms
  • Patient education materials
  • Online business listing creation and maintenance
  • Online review maintenance
  • Website design/re-design
  • Blog writing
  • SEO (search engine optimization) & SEM (search engine marketing)
  • Creation and strategic use of social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Ad design (print and digital media) & maintenance
  • Direct mail campaigns

Human Resources

  • Staff skills assessment - what you have, what you need
  • Staff talent assessment - right person, right place, right time
  • Role definition & assignment/re-assignment
  • Policy & procedure creation
  • Creation & maintenance of employee handbooks
  • Financial statement and key indicator training for physicians
  • Financial assessment of divisions, expenses, etc to streamline costs and capture revenue
  • Accountability matrix linking each P&L line item to a responsible party
  • Creation of benchmarks to ensure you are on or above par with your competitors, the industry, and other metrics