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Leaving a Medical Practice

Cynex Consulting provides turnkey, cost-effective solution for departing physicians

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Leaving your Medical Practice in Texas - or anywhere? This is a must-read...

Cynex Consulting was highlighted in the January 2017 issue of MD Monthly Magazine for an article titled, "Leaving Your Medical Practice". In this article, former healthcare COO Cynthia Huchingson dispels myths and turns the negative connotations with leaving a practice on their head. Regardless of the reason for your transition, whether it is strategically planned or an "out on your tail" with little notice type of exit, she stresses the importance of managing the transition with exacting operations, marketing, legal, & financial strategies.

Cynex Consulting provides both turnkey and a la carte services to providers in need of transition assistance. Headquartered in Austin, Cynthia is the go-to resource for physicians in Texas and is one of the most experienced transition experts in the state. Cynex Consulting provides services to physicians outside of a Texas on a case-by-case basis, and will provide a free initial review of your transition needs.

guidelines for leaving a medical practice in texas

Click the article image above to read "Leaving Your Medical Practice" in MD Monthly Magazine.

Common Services for Transitioning Doctors:

    • Notify State Medical Board 
    • Write and publish notification in newspaper and other required information mediums
    • Write notification letter for patients seen within past 2 years 
    • Manage printing, mail merge, and entire mailing of required patient notification letters
    • Manage business filing requirements for new medical practices (Tax ID, etc)
    • Create new logos and marketing collateral as/if needed for the new practice
    • Create temporary and/or permanent websites as required
    • Create and/or update/transition social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
    • Change address and contact information on Google and all online business listings
    • Proactively manage patient reviews online and help generate new reviews
    • Hospital credentialing - manage all applications or changes (if staying in the same city)
    • Insurance credentialing - manage credentialing under another practice or ground-up credentialing and contracting for a new medical practice
    • Manage CAQH transition
    • Notify medical associations and other relevant medical affiliates and entities
    • Set up EMR systems and train staff
    • Source HIPAA-compliant temporary staffing solutions for emergency transitions
    • Develop systems and policies/procedures as needed 

If you are a doctor considering leaving your group, or are in need of urgent services call us today at (210) 910-6266. For emergency services, please also send a text to (210) 393-2111.