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What Workplace Compliance Posters am I Required to Post at my Medical Practice?

Medical Practice Employment Compliance: Required Workplace Compliance Posters

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What Workplace Compliance Posters am I Required to Post at my Medical Practice?

Owning and running a medical practice has unique challenges. Not only do physician owner-operators have to manage patient care, they also have to manage business. Failure to do so has dangerous consequences. When it comes to figuring out what posters physicians should post in their break rooms, here's some info that should clear things up a bit.

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) is the federal agency that regulates employers who hire employees. The great news is that this same agency provides a ton of great information for employers about how to properly manage operations related to employees as well as free access to the workplace compliance posters they require employers to post!

In fact, the DOL has a free tool on their website that practices can use to determine the exact posters they need based on how many staff the practice employs, whether it employs foreign individuals, individuals with a disability certified by the DOL, and other unique circumstances.

We recommend that all medical practice start with this free DOL tool to determine what posters to display in their break rooms: elaws First Step Poster Advisor

Federal Workplace Compliance Posters

Here are some examples of federal workplace compliance posters that many medical practices are required to post:

Break Time for Nursing Mothers

Employee Rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
Equal Employment Opportunity is the Law (15 or more employees)

The Employee Polygraph Protections Act (EPPA)

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA)

Job Safety and Health (OSHA)

*Paid Sick Live and Expanded Family and Medical Leave Under the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) [applies from April 1, 2020 through December 31,2020]

State Workplace Compliance Posters

There are also a few posters that states require practices to post. Visit you state's Workforce Commission website for information on unique posters required for your state.

Texas Workplace Compliance Posters

Since Cynex Healthcare Consulting is based in Texas, here are some specific posters that many Texas-based medical practices are required to post

  • Texas Payday Law Poster
  • Unemployment & Payday Law Poster
  • Workers' Compensation Program (find this on your state Department of Insurance website)
  • Workers' Compensation Ombudsman Program

Where Can I Find Workplace Compliance Posters?

When you are looking to find workplace compliance posters, we have more great news. They're free! Although there are many companies that sell workplace compliance posters, all it takes is a few quick clicks on the web and you can download them yourself and print them for free!

Federal Workplace Compliance Posters are available on the Department of Labor website. They are a little tricky to find, so here's a direct link to the exact page they're on: U.S. Department of Labor - Link to Workplace Posters

State Workplace Compliance Posters are typically available on the state Workforce Commission and/or Insurance Commission websites. Here's a link to the free posters available on the Texas Workforce Commission website: Texas Workforce Commission - Link to Workplace Posters


Cynex Consulting has the posters listed above on our website for quick download.

These posters were sourced from the above-referenced websites on May 6, 2020. Medical Practices and others who use these downloads are exclusively responsible for ensuring they any posters they use are the ones required for their organization, the most updated version, and accurate.