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Projected COVID-19 Cases within Jail Populations

Comparative Data Analysis - Rikers Island Jail, Cook County Jail, Dallas County Jail

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How many positive coronavirus cases are there at a specific jail? How much will they grow in the next 2 weeks? How exposed is my client or loved one?

As media outlets across the U.S. reference certain jails with praise, a deeper analysis leaves a critical eye wondering - Is someone hiding the truth on purpose? One of our clients wanted to know. Cynex Consulting was engaged to perform an analysis of the numbers at Dallas County Jail. Buy the report today or hire us to analyze a data set for you, your company, or your law firm. Reports are customizable based on your specific need or legal case.

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Data Included in the Excel File

  • Tab: Daily Projected - Dallas
    • Projected Current State vs Published Current State
      • (Columns X-AB) vs (Columns Q-V)
    • Projected Future State, Next 14 Days
      • (Columns AD-AI, Rows 31-43)
    • Infections Per 1000 Total Population, Comparative Jails
      • Rikers Island Jail (Column G)
      • Cook County Jail (Column N)
      • Dallas County Jail
        • Published by News Media (Column V)
        • Projected Actual (Column AF)
    • Calculation of Adjusted Day 0
      • Marked as "Day 0", determined by analysis of Day 14
        • Also highlighted in yellow
  • Tab: Events & Adjustments
    • Documentation of the series of events used to determine the adjustments made to the published data set in order to reach Projected Actuals
    • Formula for translating each event into a specific count of viral spread
    • Population by day in Tank KT-###
    • Record of dates after viral spread where Dallas County changed the population within Tank KT-###.
  • Tab: Published Data (Media Reports)
    • Published count of positive COVID-19 cases at Rikers Island Jail, Cook County Jail, and Dallas County Jail
    • Links to sources on published data sets
  • Tab: Demographics by Jail
    • Count of total jail population at time of 1st positive case
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