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Play Your Cards Right

The Importance of Business Cards

· Medical Marketing,Cynex Healthcare,Cynex Consulting

There should be several reasons that you should avoid feeling like Patrick Bateman’s American Psycho, so let CynEx help you do so by having the most beautiful business card of them all. But wait a second… it’s the Digital Age, do business cards matter? The answer is yes.

Business cards are not only one of the first impressions you leave on a potential consumer or partner, but also one of the most effective direct marketing tools. As soon as you meet someone, you should feel confident in giving him or her your business card. Your business card reflects not only your business, but also you, and allows for a more personal form of communication, versus the impersonal form of digitally trading information. We typically exchange business cards with someone when we first meet them and this is no accident. Semantic memory occurs as we associate new words or names with other “templates” in our brain. (Mohan) That’s why it’s much easier for a football zealot who played the game during his youth to remember scores from multiple games, names of seemingly innumerable football players, and stats on myriad players. When we meet someone for the first time, we need to create as many opportunities as possible for our name to stick, because once the associated links have been deeply rooted, the presentation of any related stimulus will be sufficient to call us our name to memory.

So do we have any tools in our personal toolkits that will increase our chances of survival within a strangers mind? We have two - our business card and our first impression. Thus, the appearance, dimensions, tactility, and linguistic arts of your business card are absolutely essential to becoming memorable as they create multiple pathways for those associations to form in a short period of time.

At CynEx Consulting, we custom design and print business cards for our clients. We search high and low to constantly ensure that we are utilizing the highest quality paper and materials at the most reasonable prices on the market. We know which printers specialize in what types of printing so that you always get exacting results at an efficient cost. From logo design to embossing, foiling, spot UV, and even NFC chip-embedded cards, our business cards are best in class.

So remember, your business cards are a more effective direct marketing tool than any other. Emails stack up endlessly in our inboxes and are barely acknowledged, remain unopened, or are deleted seconds after being sent. A beautiful, striking business card is not only memorable, but is saved and even cherished in the digital age.